hoursRDear Portage Residents,

On February 4, 2013 the City of Portage launched a new automation and recycling program which has already greatly improved our trash collection and disposal process. This new program saves the City a substantial amount of money every year, and these savings will continue to accumulate, yielding millions of dollars which can be used to improve our roads, sidewalks and infrastructure. This has been successful because of the cooperation we have received from those citizens who have participated in these new procedures.

This website has been designed to provide an overview of this initiative.

As your mayor, and on behalf of Portage, I thank you for helping make this a greener, cleaner community, and I ask all of you for your continued commitment to these very beneficial procedures. We can still make even greater strides if everyone participates.

Mayor James E. Snyder
Please feel free to contact me at:
Ph: (219) 762-5425
jsnyder@portage-in.com www.facebook.com/jamesesnyder?fref=ts